South Coast Vizsla Club Hunt Test 2007

The weather was beautiful! Food was great! (Thanks Phyllis) We had lots of successes in the field. Twenty Four (24) Junior dogs received passes, Two (2) Senior dogs received passes, and 5 Master dogs received passes towards their Hunt Test Titles.

We had dogs entered from as far as Colorado and Arizona! We had a 7 year old rescue Vizsla by the name of Chipper, handled for the first time in the field (for both dog and handler) by Mark Ruberg. It was wonderful to see Chipper enjoy himself so much when he found his first bird! You could see the light just turn on in his head – at that instant he knew he was born to hunt!

Thank you to all participants! Thank you to all of our helpers; Bird Planters, Gunners, Field Marshall! Special thanks to Mike Eisen for all his hard work before, during and after this successful hunt test!

See you all next year: Super Bowl Sunday! Mark your calendars!

Joy Stoeffler
Hunt Test Secretary