Welcome to the South Coast Vizsla Club.

For our members, 2016 was quite a year on the national level. Starting in the spring at the National Gun Dog Championship, members Tim Heydorff and Karen Bravender earned second place with Willowynd’s Just One Leuc (“Leuc”) and fourth place with Willowynd’s Rebel Ette (“Pearl”). It’s quite an accomplishment to have not one, but two placements at the national level. Additionally, Raul Pineda’s Pinedas Birdbustin Rascoe (“Rascoe”) earn a fourth-place finish in the puppy stake. Congratulations.


In agility, our club members have been stepping it up. Three of the top five dogs invited to the Agility Invitational in Orlando this past December came from our club. Congratulations to the following teams:


  • CH MACH10 Calibre’s Madame Pico Curie RE JH MXS3 PAD MJG3 PJD MFS TQX T2B6 (“Pico”) owned by Dixie Hambrick—fourth place at the AKC Agility Invitational
  • MACH8 Comynara An Island Unto Himself CDX RA JH MXC2 MJS3 OF (“Caicos”) owned by Carol Keller
  • GCH CH MACH13 Russet Leather Wild Aszu CDX RE JH MXC3 PAD MJC4 PJD MFB TQX T2B5 (“Tokaji”) owned by Jamie Walton and Beverley Wanjon


The South Coast Vizsla Club can boast that four of the top ten nationally ranked Vizslas are members of our club.


The coming year will be an exciting one for our club. We will be hosting the 2017 National Specialty and Companion Events in Del Mar, California, on May 1–5. Several committees have been hard at work to put on the best Nationals the West has seen yet.


Please check back often for updates on events and what our members are accomplishing.


Here is to a successful 2017!


Jamie Walton

SCVC President