Description of Agility Jobs

Job Descriptions:

Chute fluffer

No experience necessary – This person readjusts the chute each time the dog goes through to ensure the next dog does not get tangled up.

Leash runner

No experience necessary – After the dog and handler team have left the start line, this person picks up the dog’s leash and delivers it to a chair near the finish line for the dog and handler to collect before exiting the ring.

Jump setter

No experience necessary – This person resets bars after they have been knocked down.

Score runner

No experience necessary – This person collects the score sheets every 5 or 6 dogs and delivers them to the secretary for timely posting of scores.

Gate steward

Some agility experience required – This person is responsible for getting the dogs and handlers to the line on time, making adjustments, and coordinating with the judge on conflicts. The gate steward is responsible for having all the scribe sheets in the correct order, including all moves and absences, prior to the ring starting. If changes are made during the running of the ring, the gate steward is to inform the timer and announce each dog that enters the ring.


Some agility experience required – This person verifies the scribe sheets are correct. The timer is to hold all scribe sheets and give them to the scribe dog by dog. The time is to be read in two ways (for example, 32.76 would first be read as thirty-two, seventy-six; then as three, two, seven, six). Before pressing ‘Go’ for the next dog, the timer must wait until the scribe writes the time on the sheet and the timer verifies it.


Agility experience required – This person watches the judge and knows the signals to record. The scribe is required to record the scores as instructed by the judge. The judge is responsible for the accuracy of the scores insofar as knowing which dogs qualify and which dogs do not qualify.